Group Messenger For Your Organization

Brand Group Messenger for your organization and extend powerful, yet simple mobile texting tools to your networks of users.


Only Group Messenger lets your users take advantage of the immediacy and directness of text messaging to those recipients that prefer it, while still being fully compatible with email, or text-to-speech voice calls all from the same simple and intuitive interface.

Group Messenger's purpose-based messaging is more effective than unstructured mobile communication services because each Group Messenger message has a specific goal in mind such as scheduling a time or a place to meet, or managing a signup list.

Group Messenger gives your organization top-down transparency on what is being said and who is using it. These real-time metrics on use help make your organization communicate more effectively.


  • Only pay for what you use
  • Can be branded and seamlessly integrated with your organization's website
  • Easy and intuitive for your users to use
  • Task-based/Purpose-based messaging stops idle purposeless chatter
  • Uses texting, text-to-speech and email, increasing participation and response rates
  • Preload users, or let them self-register
  • Provides transparency
  • Stops endless reply-alls

More Information

We are now offering a free trial of the upgraded Group Messenger. Please tell us a little bit about your organization below and we will contact you shortly to set up your trial