Your recipients will never need to create a Group Mesenger account in order to respond to your message. And, they will never be marketed to or contacted by us again unless they decided to create a Group Messenger account themselves.

Your messages, personal information, and contacts are kept confidential. Group Messenger is not a sharing/social-network. Your data will never be shared with anyone, made public for any reason, or sold to marketers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: Dec 19, 2011

What does Group Messenger do?

Group Messenger makes it simple for groups to get things done. Making a decision, assigning duties, scheduling when things happen, or raising funds for a project all become easier with Group Messenger.

How do I choose which Message Type to use?

Each Group Message is intended to address one particular idea, goal, or cause. Every Message Type has a pink How It Works button beside its explanation that gives a pictorial explanation of what that message accomplishes.

See our section on Writing Effective GMs.

Meet the Message Types

This is a list of the message types currently available in Group Messenger.
Click on one to learn more about what it does.

Can I attach images, links, files to my Group Messages?

With Group Messenger, we set out to make a two-way (interactive) messaging service that was "medium agnostic" -- one that works over email, over text, spoken aloud, chatted over IM, etc.

In the future we will offer attachments that work across all of these mediums. However, GMs do not allow for attachments at this time.

I have an idea for a Message Type or feedback for your service. Who do I send it to?

We would LOVE to hear your feedback and comments! Please leave it with our Support Desk by creating a "request." All we need is your email and you will not be put on a mailing list. We are grateful for your feedback.